Business Testimonials

“Jamie and I worked together as peers for six years.   He is a senior HR/Corporate Administrative professional, with strong business acumen.   His breadth of experience in global high tech markets during turbulent times is obvious.   I trust his judgment. Jamie has the ability to attract talented people and to guide their individual and collective development.   The HR / Facilities team he assembled at NMS was the best I've worked with in 25+ years in mid-sized and Fortune 100 high tech companies.”

April 27, 2009
Herb Shumway
SVP Operations & Finance, CFO NMS Communications

“I had the good fortune to work for Jamie Toale for four and a half years when I was a human resources director at NMS Communications.   In my view, Jamie is the consummate human resources executive. A strategic thinker and strong relationship-builder, Jamie was a welcomed business partner to NMS leadership.  He was able to secure a place at the table not only for himself as the senior vice president of human resources but also for his staff.  His business acumen and organizational savvy, along with his outstanding people skills, created an environment in which we could do our best work.  A staffing model that enabled us to double the size of the workforce in eleven months and a best-in-class rewards & recognition strategy that earned NMS a spot on the Boston Business Journal’s 50 Best Places to Work list are just two examples of HR’s accomplishments under his leadership.   In addition, Jamie was a key player in NMS’ acquisition strategy, driving the successful integration of several new businesses around the globe.  If I ever have the opportunity to work for Jamie again, it would be a pleasure and a privilege.”

January 2010
Jim Brennan
HR Director
NMS Communications
Reported to Jamie

“Jamie was the first senior level Human Resources executive hired by CIDC.   Jamie's addition to the CIDC executive team provided CIDC a proven HR resource in defining credible strategic and tactical corporate HR objectives in 2007 and 2008.   One emphasis during Jamie's tenure was on CIDC corporate-wide organizational development and growth.   Due to Jamie's leadership and guidance in this area, CIDC made measurable progress on both our strategic and tactical organizational development objectives.   Jamie is an accomplished high technology industry HR veteran.   He was a solid CIDC executive team player, an asset to the company, and a pleasure to work with.”

April 29, 2009

Mike Loftus
VP Software Development
Cambridge Interactive Development
Worked directly with Jamie

“Jamie is by far one of the best HR Executives that I have had the pleasure of working for and with.   Jamie's keen business acumen and passion for melding strategic HR was his strong suit!   I would recommend Jamie for any company that wants to take their HR Organization to the next level!”

November 10, 2009

Joe Freitas
HR Director,
NMS Communications
Reported to Jamie

"I have worked with Jamie for over 10 years reporting directly to him for several of those years.   Jamie is a great mentor and always encourages his team to go the extra mile.   He delivers on his commitments and communicates well with his staff.   Jamie is a seasoned professional in the HR and Facilities field.   I highly recommend Jamie as a professional, experienced HR executive.”

April 23, 2009

Linda Krysieniel
Facilities and Travel Manager
NMS Communications
Reported to Jamie

“I worked directly for Jamie at NMS Communications for almost 9 years.   He is a true leader and the most business minded VP, HR I have ever worked for. Jamie's leadership transcended our HR organization from a tactical operation to a strategic one.   I would highly recommend him to any company who needs strategic HR leadership and I would gladly work for him again.”

April 23, 2009

Tina Robidoux Achorn (CEBS,SPHR)
HR Director, NMS Communications
Reported to Jamie

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