Enhanced Services

Interim or Temporary Management

  • I can actually manage your change or transition while you concentrate on the “core” business.
  • This arrangement can be on an interim basis. Until you or someone else takes over the day-to-day operation, post transition.
  • Or it can be temporary, with the assignment ending when the transition is completed.

Special Project Management

  • I will manage a special project apart from your “core” business with specific deliverables and completion dates.
  • Special projects can include members of your staff or be run entirely independent of your normal activity
  • I am particularly skilled in organization redesign and implementation.

Coaching and “People Issue” Assistance

  • I will work with you (or another “key” staff member,) to confidentially coach on specific areas of change desired.
  • I will work with you to address specific staff member performance and develop a plan for change, re-assignment or professional exit.
  • I can provide interim coverage of individual manager’s duties during transition or organizational change.

Let’s Work Together.

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