Small Business Management & Consulting

Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is “any activity or enterprise entered into for profit. “

In a small business a few people do everything. They tend to know the goals of the business and have a pretty good idea of how to achieve what needs to get done. As the business grows, it can get more complex and some of the people bring more specialized skills into the mix and concentrate on a subset of the business’ overall goal.

It is the interaction of the people doing what they need to do with others doing their jobs that make up the output of the business and the “product” that someone wants and is willing to pay for.

Understanding your goals, the resources you have in your business, and the interaction with the people you employ is critical to your success. This is where I can help.

How Can I Help

I help determine what you are trying to accomplish by discussing your current and future plans.

Strategic Planning

I help you determine if you have the right resources and whether you should hire or outsource to cover gaps.

Human Resource Planning

I help you fix the “people issues” that arise and hinder your success.

Employee Relations Consulting

Small Business is the lifeblood of the economy

Let’s Work Together.